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Following is additional information about bitcoin cash as suggested places to get your bitcoin cash.

Bitcoin Cash Explained

Bitcoin cash is a decentralized peer to peer electronic cash for the Internet. The key aspect is that bitcoin cash is fully decentralized and therefore has no central bank or intermediary which means it does not require a trusted third party to operate.

What is the difference between bitcoin and bitcoin cash?

Bitcoin cash is very similar to bitcoin but has some very distinct differences including:

- The blocksize of bitcoin cash is smaller at 8mb
- It will not have segwit
- There will be no replace by fee feature as in bitcoin
- Replay and whiteout protection will be present
- Proof of work can be solved quicker

Bitcoin cash is the result of a hardfork, therefore anyone who had bitcoin received the equal amount of bitcoin cash so long as the bitcoin cash was in their personal private wallet and the person possessed the keys when the hardfork occurred.

Bitcoin cash enables instant transactions, eliminates fraud, eradicates chargebacks and provides the very best customer experience to those seeking to enjoy the very best in online casino action.

Where to get bitcoin cash

The very best way to acquire your bitcoin cash is to get paid bitcoin cash for offering goods or services. You can accept bitcoin cash from your customers from all over the world. You can also buy bitcoin cash from individuals directly that are willing to sell you their bitcoin cash. The most common way to get your bitcoin cash is through online exchanges.

We continue to recommend a variety of exchanges to get your bitcoin cash included, and reviewing the market section of on the bitcoin cash page.

How can I deposit and play once I get my bitcoin cash?

Playing at is very simple once you get your bitcoin cash and setup an account. After you create your account in your dashboard page, you will see your distinct deposit address. You send your bitcoin cash to this deposit address and your account will be credited instantly. Once your account is credited you will be able to play in the very best bitcoin cash casino in the world featuring the very best casino and live casino games. We believe you should have the fastest access to your bitcoin cash whether you are playing with it, depositing it or withdrawing your winnings to your private wallet.

Why bitcoin cash is used
Bitcoin cash provides for exceptional advantages making your online gaming experience superior to any fiat site. Bitcoin cash deposits are able to be deposited and credited instantly, with no fraud or chargebacks. this also enables us to get your withdrawals out lightening fast.

Combined with our 24/7 customer support is the very best place to play with your bitcoin cash. Join today and experience the fun!